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We Take Extra Steps and Give Back

Tutors for Charity gives back to charities that support children and students in need. Our philosophy of giving back is designed to create a social movement and positive virtuous cycle where everyone benefits, achieves their goals and improves their lives. When students can’t afford to move to the next steps, or get stuck, we make sure they receive the support and guidance they need.


The Next Level of Education

Everyone deserves the best education.  Students have the right to be authentic and unique, even when learning academic skills. When you join Tutors for Charity, you are helping us to reinvent the old, antiquated educational system. With our focus on compassion, empathy and a multi-dimensional approach, you are supporting a new way of learning. We are committed to guiding students in their life path, one student at a time. We make efforts to deeply understand your student and their unique needs.  With our tutors personalized attention, our students will achieve their educational, career and life goals. By giving back, we cycle the positive abundance of learning to everyone.  Tutors for Charity is dedicated to offering more to the community by setting higher standards for learning inside and outside of the classroom. Revolutionize the way we learn, while giving back.

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At Tutors for Charity, we believe every student deserves the best educational opportunities.

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Personal guidance for students changes their life path and builds a brighter future.

Success is a Journey Together

We are dedicated to helping every student achieve more and build a bridge to the education and opportunity they deserve.

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Personalized, Committed Support
The current educational system is not designed to offer students everything they need to succeed. We are currently facing an achievement gap, where curriculum is based on basic academic learning. It does not meet students halfway to work with their specific cognitive processes, personality and unique style of learning. The lack of educational support in the current system limits the possibilities of a brighter future for most students.

Tutors for Charity is dedicated to helping more students attain, apply and utilize knowledge while enhancing important skills for 21st century learning. We take the steps that a traditional education setting cannot provide to help students reach achievements they didn’t believe they were capable of.

Customized to every learning style
At Tutors for Charity, we believe every student has the right to succeed. When teachers and educational systems are unable to meet the needs of student development and well-being, Tutors for Charity is here and ready to help. We do more than just assisting students to pass their courses and exams; we guide students toward a deeper understanding of pertinent subjects while helping them apply it in the real world to realize their life’s purpose.

We focus on a holistic education that allows students the best chance of achieving their goals. Whether you learn best visually, auditorily or kinesthetically, our tutors can customize each session to enhance your learning of in-depth knowledge to best prepare you for your life journey.

We focus on empathy, compassion and holistic student development
True learning is multi-dimensional. In a traditional education setting, basic information following a “curriculum” is blindly memorized (one-dimensional).

At Tutors for Charity, we believe that true learning is based in an environment that promotes creativity, focus and a deep understanding of the subject. Students are more than just a grade. A multi-faceted approach to learning is critical for students to reach their full potential.

Building the Bridge to an Abundant Education

Individual Attention

Every child is unique and learns differently. Most classrooms have 15 – 20 students that follow textbook principles. Students who process information differently are left out of the educational formula. We meet students personally and uniquely. With individualized attention, they can talk out problems they are having. Tutors respond based on how their students learn best. This is a large, missing element with current educational systems.

Behavioral and Emotional Development

Basic cognitive processes are intertwined with behaviors and emotions which can help or hinder learning. At Tutors for Charity, our guidance expands to help every student accelerate by helping with development at different levels. Our emotional and behavioral guidance allows students to be expressive, creating an all-inclusive environment.

​Social Support

Students don’t have to mindlessly attend at a basic level of learning from lectures. Social interaction and development is key to helping students succeed. For students who learn best with fun, social interaction and peer support, we provide an atmosphere and process to boost their confidence and learning interactions.

Complete Transformation

MTP (massively transformative purpose, as coined by entrepreneur Peter Diamandis), allows students to take information and understand how to apply it meaningfully towards their highest calling. We don’t want to just help students get through a course. We want to see them take their next steps in the world, using their educational skills and unique character to achieve their goals, realize their dreams and build a better, brighter future for humanity.

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